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Saturday, December 17, 2005

The PR campaign

You will find one sided news articles printed daily when it comes to the issue of Cyprus. A PR campaign is in full swing…its purpose is to see that Turkey is successful with its EU accession course.

Turkey must become an EU member only if it properly complies with EU norms. Is it Europe that is joining Turkey or Turkey joining Europe?

I have read many one sided stories on Cyprus and none were as offensive as the article I read today. Surprisingly enough, this article in question is not from a Turkish daily. No, it’s from the other guarantor power…the UK. Britain is supposed to be a guarantor power of one state in Cyprus not two. The Telegraph states “We called for Turkish intervention in Cyprus when the pogroms began in 1963, and warmly applauded the troops when they landed in 1974. More recently, we championed Turkey's accession to the EU.”

Forget about using war as a last resort. Apparently when it concerns Cyprus...the invasion of 1974 did not come soon enough. One of the many reasons why Cyprus rejected the Annan plan was because it would have strengthened guarantor powers. This article by the Telegraph is simply another confirmation for those who overwhelmingly rejected the plan.

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BAZ said...

It is sickening to see such expedience against Basic Human Rights in Cyprus. As usual foreign interlopers compromise their integrity with logic which promotes injustice by reinforcing the notion that a Cypriot people do not exist because they are more conveniently labled as Greek or Turkish.

Britain, like the U.S.A., Greece and Turkey stand to gain, for different reasons, from the demise of the noble concept which Arch. Makarios agreed to with the Treaty signed in Zurich for the independance of Cyprus, sovereign, as a people, for the first time in a history dating back thousands of years, free from the exploitation of foreign powers, able to choose their own destiny and progress.

The UN suffers from fatigue. Cyprus as an issue, has been relageted to a lower level of priority. Cypriots, all Cypriots wish to have peace, free movement, and the right to care for their heritage. If Greek speaking Cypriots rejected the referendum, it is because these criteria were not met. More pointedly, Turkish speaking Cypriots have no voice in this matter because of the careful designs of their "protectors", Turkey, which exploits the small number of these people by colonising the land they occupy, demographically marginalising these people even further.