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Friday, December 09, 2005

The Wall is coming down!

The Turkish daily news recently had an article suggesting Talat erect a bust of the President of Cyprus next to the bridge on the Turkish side of Ledra Street. We can read the excitement displayed from author Yusuf Kanli in his entire article. The wall is coming down but the Greek Cypriots led by Tassos administration in southern Cyprus refuse. See world, they don’t want peace so recognize TRNC quickly…hilarious. The position of the Cypriot government is clear but not to Yusuf. The Cypriots are asking that there be no Turkish Troops present in the newly constructed area in the buffer zone. So will the Turks compromise on the new Cypriot proposal or will they continue taking matters into their own hands?

Ledra deadlock drags on
UNFICYP slams Turkish side
as Cyprus makes new proposals

By Alex Efthyvoulos
THE UN Peace Force slammed the Turkish side yesterday for persisting in acting unilaterally through the construction of a bridge at the proposed new Ledra Street crossing point, a move that has resulted in a deadlock and the cancellation of the opening.

The strong UN criticism coincided with fresh proposals by the Cyprus government to break the deadlock that has blocks progress toward the opening of the crossing point. The government continues to want the opening of the crossing point to facilitate contacts between the Greek and Turkish Cypriots, and its proposals are designed to make this possible, Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides told his daily briefing.

A statement by UNFICYP said that the opening of the crossing point "pre-supposed the parties mutual agreement on a work plan and schedule and a joint commitment to proceed. Instead, the Turkish side opted to act pre-emptively to execute its project (the bridge building), and persists in acting unilaterally toward an objective that by definition must be bilateral."

"UNFICYP must point out that, regrettably, unilateral initiatives are incompatible with the spirit of the confidence building-measures that have driven the carefully coordinated effort since April 2003 to promote and ensure the opening of crossing points on the island."

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