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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A wolf in sheep’s clothing

The Turkish Cypriots thought they had a reformist in Mr. Talat but instead they wound up with a wolf in sheep’s clothing. For some time now, Mr. Talat among others coordinated a smear campaign to ridicule the President of the Republic concerning the issue of Ledra. Chuckling with such comments as “We could put up a curtain for them if they wish.” Mr. Talat tried to show the world that its the current leadership in Cyprus who wants to maintain the status quo. Mr. Talat suggesting that if Mr. Papadopoulos is stubborn on a simple crossing how will there be an agreement on a possible solution to Cyprus. The implication of this being that maybe its time for countries to deal directly with the North of Cyprus because finding a solution with the current Cypriot President will not be possible. Ironically, it was the current leadership in Cyprus…Mr. Papadopoulos government who first suggested the Ledra crossing in 2004. The Cyprus mail today has reported that the Turkish Cypriot shop owners in Nicosia have announced a large protest on Friday calling on Mr. Talat to remove the bridge. “We do not agree that the bridge should be there. It is both meaningless and an obstruction to the free flow of people between the two sides,” Turkish Cypriot Shop Owners Association head Hurrem Tulga told the Cyprus Mail yesterday. But it appears that Mr. Talat is too busy trying to sway world public opinion than do what he was brought to power for and that is making reconciliation between the two communities possible.

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