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Monday, January 09, 2006


Cypriots are alarmed at what is currently occurring in neighboring Turkey where there is confirmation of a deadly bird flu outbreak which has killed several people. The government of RoC is telling its citizens not to worry and that it is coordinating efforts with doctors in the occupied North. Iran has said that it has sealed its boarder with Turkey to protect its citizens. Three months ago, Turkey quickly responded when this same virus was reported in western Turkey but was not successful in containing it this time in eastern Turkey. News reports this morning indicate five new cases in eastern and central Turkey. The Financial Mirror this morning has reported that “The Cypriot Agriculture Ministry has been taking all necessary measures, and people should not panic, said Efthymiou.” Very well then, no cause for panic, however ... there is a strong cause for concern. This is a real threat to the entire region as the disease is continuing to spread across Turkey. I hope the government of RoC is not paying lip service when it states that the “authorities are taking all necessary measures.

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