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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Mr. Mehmet Ali Talat’s Fallacy

The United Nations force in Cyprus was today putting the final touches on the arrangements for tomorrows scheduled meeting between the President of the Republic, Mr. Papadopoulos, and the Turkish Cypriot leader of the breakaway Northern Cyprus Statelet, Mr. Mehmet Ali Talat. The meeting will take place inside the UN controlled Nicosia International Airport Zone around 4:00 PM (+2 GMT) Cyprus Time.

For those that are not aware--Nicosia International Airport (IATA: NIC) is an abandoned airport that lies directly in the UN controlled Buffer Zone which separates the Republic and the occupied North.

The pre-meeting statements:

Mr. Papadopoulos said that he looked forward to the meeting with Mr. Talat and stated that “our purpose is to break through the deadlock and expeditiously move forward with the implementation of the 8 July process.”

Let's move on to what Mr. Talat had to say, shall we?

“Turkish Cypriots have ruled themselves since 1963. Today, they are the owners of a state, a fully functioning administration. They will not sacrifice this,” and went on to state that “apart from marginal groups, not a single Turkish Cypriot sees the Turkish army as an invader.” What was that, Mr. Talat? Marginal groups that make up less than one person? It shouldn’t take you too long to realize the fallacy of it all. Are we to expect any progress from this meeting? No.


Seanie said...

Where did you get these quotes? Why don't you provide a link to Talats quotes? Maybe because he did NOT STATE THEM you silly Grik! Don't delete this comment you propagandist Grik.

Konstelion said...

I don’t have the time to make up silly quotes like this. You can read Talat’s quotes from the silly folks at the Cyprus Mail.