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Thursday, December 22, 2005

ECHR Finds Turkey Guilty

A judgment has been made by ECHR concerning the case of Mrs. Myra Xenides-Arestis vs. Turkey. The ECHR has confirmed that the title deed of Mrs. Myra Xenides-Arestis is legitimate and her ownership of property has not been affected by Turkish occupation. Below is a press release issued by the Registrar so that you can read what the Court demands and what violations Turkey is guilty of as it relates to this case.

For Information regarding this judgment please visit here.

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villas in turkey said...

Interesting, but will this judgement hold? Similar ECHR judgements in other parts of the world recently have been all but ignored by the 'guilty' governments. Seems its power is waning and begs the question - do we need a more forceful international commission?