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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

TRNC Independence and the 1963 bathtub massacre in Nicosia

 Every year, the so called TRNC commemorates its independence. That day is today. You see Turks commenting on social media with celebratory posts like: Its the 39th anniversary of the TRNC. Cyprus is Turkish, it will remain Turkish. 

When there is a retort of how can anyone celebrate the removal of a people from their own country ... you are given a reply depicting photos of the brutal 1963 bathtub massacre in Nicosia. Some Turks use these images as justification for the brutal destruction of anything Greek in the north of Cyprus.  

Obviously there is NO excuse for killing children, ever. I do not know what kind of sick individual can do such a thing.   A Turkish journalist by the name of Uzay Bulut recently published an article about the massacre. You can read what she has to say here. The author, Ms. Uzay Bulut, is a journalist and political analyst formerly based in Ankara.  I do not believe she is currently residing in Turkey and that is a good thing.  One can only assume writing articles like this in Mr. Erdogan's Turkey can be life threatening. Selamun aleykum, Ms. Uzay Bulut, where ever you may be...

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Στέιτ Ντιπάρτμεντ: Ανεύθυνα τα σχόλια Σοϊλού

βαθύτατη απογοήτευση τους εκφράζουν οι ΗΠΑ για τα σχόλια Σοιλου τα οποία κ απορρίπτουν ως ανεύθυνα «είμαστε έτοιμοι να βοηθήσουμε τις τουρκικές αρχές στην έρευνά τους/καταδικάζουμε απερίφραστα την τρομοκρατία σε όλες τις μορφές της κ στεκόμαστε στο πλευρό Τουρκίας»

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Turkish TV Discussing the Revival of the Ottoman Empire. Will Happen Soon!

 Mr. Kaan Sariaydin discussing how it is #Türkiye's right to acquire all the land from Cyprus. Looks like a good portion of north western Iran will be reintegrated as well as Armenia, Northern Iraq, Northern Syria and eastern portions of Greece and Bulgaria.

The Turkish expert goes on to say that these areas are our right and we will get them back soon.