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Sunday, March 30, 2014

The First Forcible Change in European Borders Since World War II... Uh...NYET!

Forgotten Cyprus

Take a look at the warped media, here, from the Financial Times describing the Crimean referendum as a "divorce at gunpoint".  Okay.  So it's not a "peaceful and consensual" referendum akin to the one that will happen in Scotland, it says.  Alright.  "Instead, it is a figleaf for a forced territorial annexation – the first on the European landmass since the end of the Second World War."  That media talking point quote is a little different from what was previously their go-to line which was this quote: "the first forcible change in European borders since World War Two".  

The media is spreading misinformation.  They are talking as if there was no Turkish invasion of Cyprus, no occupation, no alteration of the island's identity by importing Turkish settlers, and no ethnic-cleansing. Nooo, it was all a bad dream.  I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone... Do di do doo, do di do doo ♪ 

Speaking of going to war on trumped up pre-text...Here's Johnny! Just a few days ago, Turkish officials planned false-flag attacks to create pretext for war with its middle eastern neighbor.  I'm shocked!  Really... Honestly.  I truly am!

Angelina... hello (tap, tap) is this thing on?! Testing, one two...Hey, Angelina Jolie, come to Cyprus and urge action against the use of sexual violence as a war weapon!  How was this acceptable behavior?!

It seems now the West is looking to wean itself from Russian natural gas and one possible place they are looking is Cyprus and the natural resources located off its southern shores.  Europe is speaking with one voice right now regarding the unity of Ukraine.  What are the chances we see that same unity once the "urgent" upcoming Cyprus settlement talks begin?  Let us see what kind of demands they expect from the victim THIS time around.

Somebody wake me up... What a nightmare!

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