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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I recall the weeks prior to the referendum on the Annan plan that several Cypriot politicians were asking where are the guarantees for implementation of this plan? Some were even seeking to postpone the referendum for a short period of time because of the issue of guarantees. A simple question to a complicated plan...who is going to force Turkey to comply with the targets of the Annan plan if it decides that it doesn’t want to implement certain provisions? Why am I bringing this up today? Turkey signed the customs accord with the EU to the bloc’s 10 new states. Why then is Turkey still refusing to open its ports to Cypriot ships? Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Abdullatif Sener today said that “Turkey will not take a unilateral step and open the ports to the use of Greek Cypriots unless the embargoes facing the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (Occupied North) are removed.” Can someone show me where this is stated in the customs accord that Turkey signed? There should be no question now why proper guarantees for implementation are important to any future agreement on a possible solution for Cyprus.

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