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Saturday, December 10, 2005

A human rights issue?

Just read an article that was picked up by several news wires. This article was about Turkish Cypriot Football players stripping off clothing in protest of the embargo. A publicity stunt organized by Huseyin Caglayan. He happens to be a UK fashion designer said the article. Mr. Huseyin said “This campaign is about human rights, not politics.” So “Balls to Embargoes!” is a human rights issue and not some perverted fetish he may have…very well then. Tell us when your campaign relating to Turkey’s embargo on Armenia will begin. Yes...Turkey, the only democratic country in the entire world that has a trade embargo on Armenia. Showing once again it will do as it pleases even if it means disregarding international norm. Speaking of the Caucuses…lets focus in on Armenia’s neighbor Azerbaijan. It seems that the election held in Azerbaijan a couple of weeks back had some voting irregularities to say it mildly. This however was never picked up by news wires…no, instead we have “Balls to Embargoes!” This only proves to show that there is a double standard when it comes to this region.

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