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Saturday, January 07, 2006


Eupro has generated a lot of commentary in the Cypriot press recently ... specifically regarding its role in the Oram's case. Eupro is a Lobby group that has built a huge war chest to defend the rights of foreigners, mostly from Western Europe who are living in properties whose previous owners were forcibly expelled in the North of Cyprus. Eupro's website address is ... the site mostly consists of opinions that run counter to the truth. This association boasts about being in the front line of the Cypriot property dispute. Wonderful, it should also boast about being a mouthpiece for Turkish propaganda. A fact that is evident when one explores Eupro’s site ... why even its useful links section contains disinformation. The Cyprus Mail is listed in the links section but is only "Recommended for anyone interested in the brainwashed politics of Greek Cypriot Cyprus..."

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