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Monday, March 06, 2006

A Must Read ...

An International Relations Debacle
The UN Secretary-General's Mission of Good Offices in Cyprus 1999-2004

Claire Palley

This book by Claire Palley, is a must read for those interested in the Cyprus problem and how the final version of the Annan plan came to be. The roles played by major powers exerting strong influence on the UN are emphasized in this book. Its amazing how the Cypriot voters were given only three weeks to consider a 9,000 or so page plan. A plan that practically met all Turkish demands, crafted to decriminalize Turkey's policy on Cyprus and to pave the way for a smooth accession of Turkey into the EU. On 24 April 2004, democracy had spoken in Cyprus as the Greek Cypriots used their democratic right at the ballot box, rejecting what they've been told in no uncertain terms to accept. The book (pp. 395, h/b,) sells for CY£23.65

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