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Monday, April 17, 2006

[Poll] Turkish ports & Cypriot vessels

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Anonymous said...

The Turks are never going to compromise on Cyprus, even if their stubbornness means an end to EU accession.

Konstelion said...

"The Turkish Armed Forces have never been pushed out by pen from the place they have entered with bayonet." -- Turkish Foreign Minister Ihsan Sabri Caglayangil, 1980

Turkey must realize that the zero-sum approach toward negotiations does not work in the EU. Turkey, with her allies working behind the scenes, fully expects to have all its maximalist demands met on the Cypriot issue. After all, You Cypriots only make up 700,000 people and we ... well, we are a bridge between the east and the west. The audacity of you Greek Cypriots, You people should be ecstatic that Varosha is still being handed back, not only that, but you people get that tree with the lemon, way over there! Compromise on the ports or any other issue is difficult or so they say because Cyprus is strategically important for them. Lets take a look at a recent TDN article which states "casus belli in the event that Greece extends its territorial waters in the Aegean Sea to 12 miles. It also rules out a troop withdrawal from Cyprus, a territory the paper deems strategically important for Turkey's security." Yup, this is the Country that aspires to join the EU.

Michael said...

What was the poll about? I dont see any poll. I see an error message that states:

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