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Thursday, April 06, 2006

What kind of Justice is this?

Below is an article (05.03.06) by columnist Sener Levent from the Turkish Cypriot daily AFRIKA. The translated English version was found on the Cyprus PIO website. An exceptional article worth reproducing it here in its entirety. The following is the full text of the translated English version with original spelling, grammar and punctuation:

In fact the tragedy of the Greek Cypriot community is graver than the tragedy of the Turkish Cypriots.

Just think about it

This country is under occupation for the last 32 years and unfortunately they (Greek Cypriots) were unable to explain this occupation to the world. They were unable to force neither the UN, nor the EU and nor the other International organizations to take strong and effective sanctions against the occupier.

On top of it after so many years of occupation the Greek Cypriot side was put on the accused and guilty chair.

The occupier was declared innocent and those who were under occupation guilty.

For this an Annan Plan and a referendum was enough

All of a sudden the occupier was declared favoring peace and settlement and those who are under occupation against peace and solution

What kind of Justice is this?

Do you know the biggest opponents of the settlement in Cyprus?

The biggest opponents of the settlement in Cyprus are those who say that the obstacle for the solution is Tassos Papadopoulos.

This is an understanding that totally denies the political will of the Greek Cypriot community and it is a propaganda that for a long time now is being systematically injected to everybody. And unfortunately some Greek Cypriot intellectuals are being knowingly or unintentionally became an instrument to this propaganda. The peoples will expressed during the referendum totally are ignored and huge 76% no is attributed to Papadopoulos. It means that Papadopoulos `no´ had no effect. In fact it had harmed the Greek Cypriots. I wish he would have said `yes´ during the referendum. Because at that time peoples `no´ would have been better understood.

He then comments on a recent poll that 48% of the Greek Cypriots said no to living with the Turkish Cypriots. Sener Levent justifies the Geek Cypriot no and says that if he was a Greek Cypriot his answer was not going to be different when the Turkish Cypriots brand the 20 July invasion as liberation and keep silent when return of Varosha is in question or when they usurp immovable property that belong to the Greek Cypriots and sell them with illegal title deeds to foreigners in the north.

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