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Monday, September 17, 2007

The reason why there is no solution to the Cyprus problem

I’ll tell you what the real reason is ... but, before I get into that ... let me first take the time to welcome back one of my warped media friends, you know who you are. Yea, I know I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus but I’m back much to your dismay! Well, maybe for a short period of time. A little tip from me to you...

Keep checking back at this site, you just may learn a thing or two.

Where was I, ohh yes, the reason why there is no solution to the Cyprus problem. Here 'tis:

There is no solution due to the fact that Turkey refuses to comply with UN resolutions, but also due to the international community's unwillingness or inability to impose them. I know what some of you are thinking--but Konstelion, Turkey is a NATO member and a strong reliable US ally. Nevertheless my friends, Turkey must be made to comply with international laws and obligations. That is the only way to resolve the Cyprus issue.

Negotiating with intransigents.

Check this video out and see the word games being played by Mr. Talat who in the video is being interviewed by a reporter. Cyprus, for example, has no refugees. That’s right, Mr. Talat stated that “They're not anymore refugees...” The warped media out there reading this should take note ... the politically correct term now is “displaced.”

Apparently, a lot of things are “not fair” in the breakaway North.

Why can’t our breakaway State have direct trade with the EU, it is not fair! Giving back a ghost town? Why that’s not fair! Let’s see, refugees forced to evacuate, their legal rights continue to be disregarded and Talat says “of course it is not fair to ask for Varosha (back).” Can you believe this hypocrisy? Even the reporter is taken aback by the interview, lowering his glasses to look at Mr. Talat as if to say ... are you for real?

Ever read stories coming out of the occupied North like--Why cant little Tunc Ozgurgun’s Turkish Cypriot football team play internationally? It is not fair! Silly articles written by silly folks. I’ll tell you what’s not fair ... using Varosha as a bargaining chip by Turkey and the Northern breakaway State as part of an overall settlement to the Cyprus problem. We are talking about thousands of lives who would like to return home!

When asked about sending the Turkish occupation troops back to Turkey; Mr. Talat is quick with his pre-rehearsed response. Why, it’s a matter of security. Security, yes, even at this very moment the Greek Cypriots have triangulated our location. You see, we fear their military. Are these logical responses by Mr. Talat? No? Well that’s why the Cyprus issue is not resolved today.


Anonymous said...

When are Greek Cypriots like you ever going to accept any responsibility for the situation?

Did you really think you were going to carry out, in Sampsons own words, "Enosis [Greek annexation of Cyprus] and the annihilation of the Turkish Cypriots" just a few kilometres of Turkey's southern coast and get away with it?

You made your own bed - it was not enough that you were evil, but stupidly and short-sightedly evil.

Mixalis said...

Ahhhhh, another pathetic Anonymous comment from someone who has a very short-sighted and one-dimensional view of history.

I suggest you look at the barbaric ways in which this beautiful island was invaded by a bunch of uneducated, ferrel, disrespectful and poor excuses for human beings - and while you are at it, look at just how many problems lie within Turkey itself - waaaaaaaaaay too many to mention here (the wedding massacre the other day caught my eye though...)

Surely Turkey and the "politicians" of this "country" should look at getting the problems in Turkey addresses and sorted out, instead of illegally occupying a beautiful island and doing nothing more than desicrating a naturally stunning piece of the world??

Ever heard of Human Rights?
I didnt think you would have....
sad neanderthals is all you are....