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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mayor of Cypriot 'ghost town' presses EU on Turkey membership

From the The Parliament:

The mayor of the Cypriot “ghost town” of Famagusta has called on the EU to press for the removal of Turkish troops from the area.

Speaking in parliament on Wednesday, Alexis Galanos, a Greek Cypriot, said that negotiations on Turkish membership of the EU should be made conditional on such a move.

He said, “If Turkish troops are withdrawn, that would represent a step closer to finding a solution to the whole Cyprus problem.”

The coastal town, once one of the most modern and developed on the divided island, has been occupied by Turkish troops since the Turkish invasion in 1974. It is fenced off, empty and now widely known as a ghost town.

It is one of nine municipalities which have maintained their legal status but have been temporarily relocated to the government-controlled areas until the reunification of Cyprus.

The mayor and municipal council of these municipalities are elected by the refugees who used to live in them before 1974.

Read the full article here.

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