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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Suicide Related to the Ergenekon Case

A senior Turkish police officer has been found dead in his car in what Turkish authorities claim is a suicide related to the Ergenekon case. Political analysts say that the people who constitute the "Deep State" are members of Ergenekon.

Turkish authorities said the dead man is Behcet Oktay--former head of the police special forces. Oktay was dismissed from his post two days ago after thirteen years as head of the Special Forces. Oktay was found dead in his car in an Ankara parking place with a bullet wound in his head. His predecessor, a prime suspect now in custody, had named Oktay as a member of the Ergenekon group.

The hard-line nationalist Ergenekon organization appears to be made up of (former and present) army officers, police officers, journalists, and other influential people who have allegedly been plotting to kill government officials and overthrow the Turkish government.

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