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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Denial of the Armenian Genocide ... what more excuses can Turkey come up with?

(IHT) - Turkey warns US on Armenian genocide resolution

ANKARA, Turkey: Turkey's foreign minister says a resolution by the U.S. Congress calling killings by Ottoman Turks genocide could harm his country's efforts to improve ties with Armenia.

Ali Babacan says that Turkey and Armenia are already discussing the 1915 killings and "steps that could be taken by third countries on the issue would not bring any good but harm this process." He spoke Wednesday.

Babacan says "we hope parliamentarians, parliaments become aware of this process and act responsibly."

The resolution introduced Tuesday could undermine efforts by President Barack Obama to win help on key foreign policy goals from NATO ally Turkey. Obama will visit Turkey early April.

It was unclear whether the resolution has sufficient support to pass in the House of Representatives.

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