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Friday, January 22, 2010

Statements by the Foreign Minister on the Orams case

(PIO) - The Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Markos Kyprianou, invited by the press to say how the Ministry of Foreign Affairs intends to utilize the British Court of Appeal decision in the case Apostolides v Orams, stated the following:

“The implementation and the execution of the decision is now a legal obligation and we will be following the developments closely. Of course, of exceptional importance to us are the broader consequences and the wider significance of this decision in conjunction with the important Judgement of the European Court, which was in essence adopted by the British Court as well. This decision points out certain legal facts that are very important.

First of all, it is applicable throughout Europe and it applies to all European citizens. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will become active - we have already been active since the decision of the European Court but now we will become more active, so that the significance of the decision, the illegality of purchasing immovable property and the existing risks for the buyers in illegally purchasing occupied property can be made known to all European citizens. Consequently it is a decision that binds all the member states and the citizens of the European Union and can be executed in the countries where they live.

Secondly, which is also very important, the combination of the European and British decision reaffirms that - irrespective of the occupation and the practical weakness of the state to exercise control on the occupied areas - the Laws and the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus still apply. This is a message that must be sent, not only to the citizens, the private buyers, but also to the governments of all foreign states, especially the European ones, and all those carrying out business in the occupied areas; the reminder that anything they do must be done with respect for the Laws of the Republic of Cyprus, and of course this also applies for the European Commission which, through various regulations that have been adopted to strengthen the Turkish Cypriot community, is active in the occupied areas.
Thirdly, and this concerns of course the talks in Cyprus, the legitimacy of the positions presented by our side is reaffirmed concerning, not only who the legitimate owners of occupied properties are, but also who should have a say in the management and the fate of this right, who is of course the owner.

So, I totally disagree with the approach of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I do not believe that this decision will complicate the talks. On the contrary, it reaffirms the legitimacy of our proposals and I believe that this should be accepted also by the other side”.

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