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Sunday, April 14, 2013

All Eyes on Cyprus

Guten Morgen, my fellow bloggers.  I am alive and well and practicing my German… Has anyone heard any news about Cyprus these past few weeks? ;)

We, here, in the money laundering island are doing well, thank you for asking… Reading some of the articles in the warped media make it sound like the Russian Mafiosos have swarmed Cyprus.

I can understand how people may think this is a true representation because some of our EU partners have claimed that Russian funds were deposited and invested in Cyprus via illicit means, but it appears those very same governments are now enthusiastically spreading their arms wide open and encouraging relocation of these so called “illicit” funds into their own economies…  Shock… Shock, I say!

On a bright side of things – if you can call it that – people around the globe now know where Cyprus is on a map… am I right?!  Individuals from jewelers who follow the spot price of gold,  to educators to investors to politicians, have all been focusing in the events taking place on this island these past few weeks…

There was a “running joke” that if Turkey were to make a dash for more land or gas deposits located in the south of the island, people around the globe wouldn't even know where Cyprus is located, let alone hear it on the news, but all of that has changed now…

Cyprus had banking issues; the market reacted.  Cyprus planning to sell its gold reserve; gold prices drop.  It clearly goes to show that Cyprus is part of the global economy, and going forward, Ankara should be fully aware of that.

Instead of threatening, it should be extending a hand of reconciliation… instead of sending and reinforcing troops to the northern part of the island, it should comply with international laws and obligations.  While we now have the global media’s attention on this island now looking for the mob bosses digging holes to secure their illegal money, maybe some in the warped media can now actually report some real news like the next time a Turkish war plane flies over the Republic of Cyprus.  Hey, it could happen…

It goes without saying, these past few weeks have been trying times for Cyprus, however with the media conversing on this island seeking blood, instead saw people waited in line at banks in a civilized manner and there were no towns burned down… For shame!  I guess the media came down here for a holiday which is a good thing because we need the money…  And yes, our world renowned hospitality still exists.

In short, Cypriots survived and hold their heads high after the Turkish invasion… and we can do it again.

Abschied!  That is, “goodbye” in German, my fellow bloggers… I know… it sounds a lot like Ape shit.  Ha!

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