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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Concern: Increasing number of Greek Cypriots selling property in occupied north

Cypriot President Anastasiades expressed concern about the increasing number of Greek Cypriots selling off property in the occupied north stating “They need to realise that, even if this is not their intention, they are creating negative conditions for freedom and reunification and weaken our negotiating position.”

He explained that we should not ignore the fact that the Greek Cypriot properties ‘compensated’ through the property commission in the north are transferred to the Turkish Government.

“It is natural that those who want a solution are those who were victims of the invasion,” he added.

But also those considering selling their properties due to their own financial difficulties are worsening the country’s situation by exposing it to more dangers. "They should think again.”

He also said that a solution to the Cyprus problem can be reached soon if only Turkey finally makes the right steps to demonstrate that it can abide by UN regulations and work towards their aspirations for entry into the EU. 

“It is time for Turkey and Turkish Cypriots to make convincing steps to show that they want and are able to implement UN resolutions and that they can also fulfill the requirements of EU membership.” 

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