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Thursday, December 08, 2005


(1) What is the purpose of this site?

This site was created so that I may express my thoughts and ideation without the flaming and spamming you currently are greeted with on most forums relating to the issue of Cyprus.

(2) What will you talk about?

Mainly current events and politics concerning the independent island state of Cyprus. My posts are mostly short and to the point. Living in Cyprus, I can say that my views are shared by a substantial number of Greek Cypriots.

(3) How current is the information?

This site is reviewed and updated on a regular basis. If something is proven to be inaccurate, it will quickly be corrected. If it’s currently being posted here then it’s currently the topic of discussion in Cypriot affairs.

(4) What does ΔΕΝ ΞΕΧΝΩ mean?

It means I don’t forget. You will find this ubiquitous phrase plastered on walls and signs in the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia.

(5) Is responding to a topic welcomed?

Yes. You may respond by logging in or anonymously without signing up. However, I reserve the right to remove without notice any information on this site from time to time. This is my site and I do not want to be discussing issues ad nauseam. Comment moderation applies to all posts older than 10 days.

(6) Need to contact me?

Feel free to contact me if you run across problems or have questions or would like to provide feedback. By sending me email, you acknowledge that I own all rights to the content of your message. Accordingly, you give me the full right to post your content on my site.

If your interests are in Cypriot affairs...then you came to the right site. Here’s to an informative visit. Cheers.


CypeVen said...


I found your blog through a link of a link.

Anyhow, what got me curious is your tagline below your "Cyprus" title...

What do you mean by: "No to guarantors who do not guarantee democracy" ? ---to whom do you address this very solid and commanding statement to, if I may ask?

Thanks very much! And more power!

Anonymous said...

It is hoped that President Christofias will find a solution - although as we can see this will be very difficult. Also a problem is that the big powers are still supporting Turkey (although it is now difficult for them to do so) and they are the ones who were behind the attempt of Turkey to take over all of Cyprus in 1974.